Day 112 (5/27) – Titusville

Another weather hold day in Titusville as Alberto tracks up the eastern side of the Gulf of Mexico. We are getting lots of rain and wind (35kt gusts), but certainly mild in comparison to the weather the folks near Panama City are experiencing. We are hoping folks there are safe and protected. Tropical storm Alberto is a fitting end to what has been a very rainy and windy month of May for us. By our count, there have been a grand total of four “nice” days (no rain, some sun, moderate wind) since we got back to Florida. Three of those four days we used for travel. The featured picture today shows the wind effect on the palm trees, the grey skies, and some thrill-seeking kite surfers in the background.

In between bands of rain, we were able to get out a bit. Folks were still making efforts to pursue weekend activities. One fisherman who had pulled his runabout and trailer right to the edge of the boat ramp before deciding conditions were too unfavorable to launch, parked his boat and truck in a parking space and fished from the ramp’s edge. Also fishing on our pier were three pre-teen boys, who called upon Tommy to assist in removing an embedded hook from a catfish’s mouth. We could see tarpon gulping air in the fairway in their weird rolling way, but the manatees have been absent.

Tommy did engine maintenance while Paula read online about manatees, dugongs, and tarpon, and did a little cleaning. Across the ICW, people flew land-based small kites in the gusts. One could imagine that the palm tree tufts, streaming wildly, were cheerleader’s pom-poms, cheering both the kite-flyers  and kite surfers on.

Knowing today was going to be a bad day to take pictures because of the weather, we saved some pictures from the last two days when there were brief periods of sun so we’d have some good pics for today’s post. These were taken just walking around the marina:

We love the ingenuity displayed in the pictorial representation of these “don’t do it” signs.
Here’s someone who was not about to give up one passion in order to pursue another. The question is, how does he get the motorcycle on and off the sailboat?
This truck is parked right outside the marina and has a boat on a trailer attached to the back (meaning the owner has  probably not gone deer hunting). We were a little startled by the driver.
Back to the land of alligators.

Paula made pseudo-beef stew from some canned soup and added meat and vegetables for lunch, and then we vegged out ourselves watching the Indianapolis 500.

Tonight’s dinner will be shrimp with tikka masala sauce, rice, and green beans.

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