Day 14 – Bimini

Today we did boat jobs in the morning. Tommy did further investigation into resuscitating the anemometer and making sure the marine network field connector he installed yesterday on the ripped end of the wire was functional. He made sure no other part of the  system was affected by the damage (everything else was OK). Alas, no luck reviving the anemometer, but at least the cable it was connected to is repaired and ready for a new unit.  Next he used some super glue and a healthy amount of electrical tape to repair the spare VHF antenna that was broken yesterday. In the unlikely event we would need to use it, it will work until we can get a new one. Lastly, he spent time diagnosing the autopilot’s stage fright issue and seems to have that licked. All in all it was productive morning of repairs. All that remains is to find a solution for the broken stern light, which we will attack tomorrow.

Yes, it was repair work today – but look at that backdrop!

Paula mended our fraying American flag on the stern, and washed it as it got soiled during the entanglement of the two boats. While the sewing box was out,  some continued alterations were made to canvas cones that we constructed before we left St. Augustine. These cones shield the openings in the overhead cockpit canvas that admit wires and aluminum supports for the arch.The cones prevent rain from leaking through by creating little teepee’s around the wires and arch supports. Then it was “sink laundry” and hanging the same on the lifelines in a nice breeze. Next, we had unexpected guests.

Last night, after dark,  a sailboat anchored in the water behind us. The morning light revealed it to be “Caribbean Soul”, our friend Sean’s boat from River’s Edge Marina! We called to him as he dingy’d ashore to do his Customs check-in. He came aboard along with a friend who had sailed across in his own Morgan ketch. Sean and his friend have lots of Bahamas experience, so we were happy to talk, ask questions, and share experiences.

Sean’s boat anchored right behind us.

After the visit, we ate a quick lunch and walked all over the island for exercise, sightseeing, and to try to identify what local shops might be likely to carry parts that Tommy could use to rig an acceptable stern light. We found it. It was closed, but should reopen tomorrow. We explored Bailey Town and walked through the Hilton resort on the north end of the island. It had a distinctly different character from the rest of Bimini. I found it beautiful but sterile. It did have a “Mega Marina” with huge yachts,  and a seaplane “airport” which we’d never seen before.  It was fun to watch the planes taking off and landing on the water.

We walked back, happy to find no new surprises on our return to C Ghost. We stopped at the marina reception desk and arranged to stay through Wednesday night at least,  as the wind is already about 15 kts, and is forecast to really start kicking and continue this way through mid-week at least.

5 thoughts on “Day 14 – Bimini”

  1. You guys are real troopers. I’m in awe of your guts to plan and actually do this trip. Your blogs are so insightful and the descriptions of the fish and birds are fantastic. I’m so impressed with Tommy’s ability to build , fix and repair everything on the boat.
    Love to you both. Biggie

    1. Thanks Uncle Allen. The repair work is all part of the fun (especially for an engineer!). When you look up for a minute from the repair job and survey the natural beauty of the surroundings, it takes most of the anxiety away.

  2. I thought I had made this post already, but perhaps I forgot to punch post. Here goes. Great job Tom. That stern light looks “salty”. Looks like it’s time for mortmade to move over for the new kid on the block “TOMMADE”

  3. Thanks – but I can never compete with MORTMADE. We were really lucky to find the purpose built marine anchor light in the local hardware store. That made the job a lot easier than it might have been. Never had to worry about weatherproofing the new light.

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