Visit to the Alligator Farm

We are fortunate enough here in St. Augustine to have the Alligator Farm Zoological Park only a few miles from C Ghost.

Even a statue of an alligator is a little scary.

Established in 1893,  it underwent one move from lower ground to slightly higher in 1926, and  has had continuous improvements since that time. It is well worth visiting. The park is a well-organized, clean and child-friendly environment in which to see and learn about alligators and many other birds, reptiles, and mammals from all over the world. On this, our second visit, we were lucky enough to enjoy the Farm with our neighboring liveaboard family and their three young children. It was a great day.

Three generations of “children” are spellbound by the albino alligator.
Enjoying the small reptile lecture.
These little guys are more our speed.
Not for the faint of heart. We got to see the King Cobra, Nag, enjoy a furry lunch.
The Albino alligator must be kept in a shaded exhibit as it is prone to sunburn!
Chicken turtles are generally uncommon, but seen often in Florida. “Chicken” refers to their meat, which was once often eaten in the South.
A large crocodile.
Child-friendly viewing ensures a good and safe time for children, and less back strain for parents.
Feeding time. We watched them enjoy special alligator “biscuits” and a few dead rats.
Vulture. The big pink structure in the neck area is an air sac, which can be inflated to impress or frighten.
A colorful parrot seems to enjoy the attention given by passers-by.


2 thoughts on “Visit to the Alligator Farm”

  1. you weer fortunate to visit with children. The world is a delight in their eyes and it is refreshing to enjoy. Hope everything is going well for you and your parents are doing.

    1. Hi Jean, Sorry for the delay in reply! Yes, we felt very lucky to be seeing everything through their eyes. We are all well, and our parents are hanging in there! Hope everything is going well for you too.

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