C Ghost came through Irma quite well with only a few scratches. We were very lucky as several other boats in our marina were damaged as well as three of the docks (including ours). Clean-up is underway. We have electricity back but no water. Unbelievably, the first thing to come back on was the Comcast cable, so we have a good Internet connection from the boat. Here are some pictures we took yesterday and today (9/11 and 9/12). We had a lot of help from friends who stayed here while we were gone for Margeaux’s wedding.

This boat is on the dock just across from us. If you look close, you can see C Ghost in the background on the left side.
The metal ramp was torn from it’s hinges on our dock. At mid-tide (what it is in this picture), you can still get on without too much trouble. Much more difficult at high and low tides. (That’s Paula in the background)
This is one of the “rings” that holds our dock to a piling and lets it ride up and down as the tide changes. Luckily, the rings on the other pilings held fast so the dock stayed in place. That orange cable in the upper left is actually our Comcast cable which runs under the dock. Amazingly, with the forces of the wind and waves strong enough to rip the ring from the dock, the cable remained in place and still works!
This is a piece of floating dock that broke off from another marina further down the river. The current took it up to our marina. Since part of it is concrete, it posed a threat to several boats on our pier. Last night several of us managed to get some lines around it and secure it to the pier.
This boat broke free from the marina next to ours and ended up going aground next to the road (US 1).
When we first got on our boat, we thought we had some damage. All those wood shavings are actually from the piling you see in the background. C Ghost rubbed against it up and down pretty hard in the storm. Some of the teak on the side of our boat was damaged but not much else.
A friend’s dinghy capsized on the dock next to ours. The engine came off and went to the bottom, but the throttle cables are still attached. Tomorrow we are going to try and pull the engine up with the throttle cables.
This is the dock next to ours. One of the rings got stuck on the piling during the storm surge and is holding the dock up as the tide falls. We were checking on our friends boat (in front of Paula) which miraculously suffered no damage. Late last night when high tide came, the dock ring unstuck itself and the dock floated back down into place.

5 thoughts on “Irma”

  1. I was wondering how you did. Glad your boat was safe. Comcast had free wifi up immediately. Comcast did this also for Harvey. Time once again to get ship shape. Enjoy the calm after the storm.

  2. Hi Tom, Paula.
    Thank you for posting the pictures, and giving us details of what is going.
    Keep the good work, we will be there shortly.
    Big thanks with your help on Shadow.

    1. Thanks Marie-Paule. You’ll be happy to know that the blue Hatteras (the one with the piling in the window) was successfully moved today so it is no longer putting a strain on the damaged part of your dock. Paul is shifting around boats very nicely to accommodate repairs. They are trying to restore the water to C, D, E docks today. Your boat remains secured well and in good shape. Tom

  3. Thrilled and relieved that CGhost came through with little damage! As bad as it was, I think your marina actually did pretty well. So glad all my Florida family is safe!!!

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